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What is SPARC?

SPARC is an NSF-funded program at the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) dedicated to promoting geospatial research in archaeology. SPARC offers direct support to archaeological projects through awards in three categories:

The research outcomes associated with SPARC project include publications, presentations, new grants, and websites, as well as the archiving of geospatial research. In addition, you can learn about the latest technologies and their archaeological applications through residencies at CAST or through our online resources and periodic webinars. You can also connect with potential collaborators or develop projects in partnership with SPARC.

Recent News

Publication highlight: Hill et al. 2019, increasing GNSS use across the archaeological community: ( 02/25/20) Members of the SPARC staff have been working to make spatial archaeometric methods more approachable... More Info

Publication highlight: Erb-Satullo et al. 2019, geophysics and UAV-based photogrammetry: ( 02/25/20) SPARC Project PI Nathaniel Erb-Satullo and colleagues published their article, “Investigating the ... More Info

New Research Outcomes page: ( 02/25/20) Fall 2019 marked the end of the 6th year of the SPARC Program. As SPARC has matured these last sever... More Info

What is Spatial Archaeometry?

Spatial Archaeometry is the application of scientific techniques to measure properties of archaeological materials at all scales, including objects, sites and landscapes, wherein the spatial properties of the measurements are central to their analysis and interpretation.

What we do.

We help you learn about spatial archaeometry, develop your ideas through collaborative project proposal writing, apply your research plans through SPARC research support awards, and collaborate your results and experience with the archaeological community.

Why we do it.

Collaborating on research, sharing equipment and resources, and facilitating knowledge exchanges and best practices will promote the use of remote sensing methods and geospatial in archaeological research and assist researchers in meeting their project's goals.

SPARC Areas of Expertise

Funded Projects » See All Funded Projects

Understanding Rejolladas and Examining their Potential for Predicting Settlement Location at Tahcabo

Professor Patricia McAnany and Maia Dedrick of UNC Chapel Hill and Dr. Adolfo-Iván Batún-Alpuche (AGEY) will be collaborati... More Info

Developing GeoPACHA: Geospatial Platform for Andean Culture, History, and Archaeology

This project will contribute to the development of GeoPACHA (Geospatial Platform for Andean Colonial History and Archaeology), a g... More Info

Important Dates » Applications for Projects 2018-2019

Applications for projects in 2018-2019 are now being accepted.