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To support the development of geospatial and geophysical expertise within the archaeological research community, SPARC supports a visiting researcher residency program. Through this program, individual researchers can undertake a period of intensive study or project development at CAST (University of Arkansas) in collaboration with resident staff. Residents are responsible for the costs of their travel and housing, while SPARC provides workspace, access to equipment and research facilities at CAST, mentoring and individual training. Researchers who successfully complete residencies may be eligible to borrow equipment through SPARC outside of the fieldwork support program.

Eligibility Requirements

The resident must be affiliated with an institution and/or organization that would otherwise be eligible for NSF support.

Generally non-US institutions and organizations are not eligible unless partnering with a US entity.

The Principal Investigator or senior technical staff for the project with which the resident is affiliated must have previously engaged in an exploratory consultation with SPARC.

When to get in touch

Applications for residencies are accepted throughout the year. Residencies can take place within two periods, between September and December or between February and June. We recommend contacting SPARC to discuss your application at least three (3) months before the proposed dates of the residency.

What information to provide

We encourage you to contact us at to arrange an initial video-conference to chat about your project and potential proposal.

Your application should include:

A completed application form. Application forms for Residency Projects are available directly from SPARC. Contact us directly at to receive application forms.

Documentation of your projects affiliation with a US-based Institution.

If you are a Graduate Student, a letter of support from your Supervisor, including confirmation of your permission to study away from your home institution.

Contact information for two reviewers.

To apply for a residency at SPARC, please register for an account here.

Total residencies supported annually

SPARC will support up to eight visiting researchers within each residency period.

How are residencies awarded?

Quality of the research or training program proposed by the visiting researcher.

Potential benefit of the training or research opportunity to the visiting researcher.

Applications from researchers affiliated with a project supported through CAST fieldwork or analytical support programs will be given preference.