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To support the development of geospatial expertise within the archaeological research community, SPARC supports a short-term visiting researcher residency program. Through this program, individual researchers can undertake a short period of intensive study, collaborative research, or project development at CAST (University of Arkansas) or SPARCL (Dartmouth College) with our research staff. Researchers may engage in short periods of supervised training on equipment or software, analysis, post-processing assessments of data, work on collaborative publications, and/or plan for future collaborations. Stipends of up to $1000 can be used to mitigate the cost of travel, housing, and food during the duration of the visit. SPARC residencies also include workspace, access to equipment and research facilities, and mentoring and individual training on specific software and equipment that is tailored to the project’s need. Residencies can be paired jointly with current or former supported research projects, research collaborations, or be independent from then. Recommended length of residencies is one week, although shorter or longer residencies are permissible.

Eligibility Requirements

The resident must be affiliated with an institution and/or organization that would otherwise be eligible for NSF support.

Generally non-US institutions and organizations are not eligible unless partnering with a US entity.

Residencies can be paired with previous, ongoing, or proposed supported research projects or research collaborations, or conducted independently from them.

When to get in touch

Applications for residencies are accepted throughout the year. Please contact SPARC ( to discuss your application at least three (3) months before the proposed dates of the residency. Do note that summer months can be especially busy time of year, with various fieldwork projects and other activities.

What information to provide

Please contact us at to arrange an initial video-conference to chat about your project and residency proposal.

Your application should include:

Description of activities the researchers will undertake at CAST or SPARCL

Length of proposed residency

Requests for facilities, equipment, software use, and/or staff involvement

Anticipated research outcomes from the residency period

Potential long-term benefits resulting from the residency experience

Documentation of your projects affiliation with a US-based Institution

If you are a Graduate Student, a letter of support from your Supervisor, including confirmation of your permission to study away from your home institution

Contact information for two reviewers

To apply for a residency at SPARC, please register for an account here

Total residencies supported annually

SPARC will support up to four visiting researchers within each residency period.

How are residencies awarded?

Quality of the research or training program proposed by the visiting researcher

Potential benefit of the training or research opportunity to the visiting researcher

Applications from researchers affiliated with a project supported through Data & Analytics or Publications projects are especially encouraged in order to facilitate in-person engagement

Length, timing, and topic of residencies are subject to staff availability